Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Groundhog's Day...Happy Groundhog's Day...Happy Groundhog's Day...

It's a day that I love. It's Groundhog's Day.
Why do I love it? 
I don't know, I guess I'm ready to celebrate something again.
It also brings with it a promise of 
Spring in 6 more weeks!

Sometimes do you feel like you live the same day over and over again? This weekend during our Iron Girls Weekend Retreat, one of the ladies said that being a Mom is like being in the movie 
Groundhogs Day. 

Wake up, 
and start the same day you had yesterday over again,
and then go to sleep.

I'm sure that you that are Mom's and Dad's can relate. 
We all can!
Sometimes we just get in a rut.
We pay more attention to the clock rather than time.
What can we do to spice things up a little?

Well, in the Movie Groundhogs Day, the character that Bill Murray played,
woke up every morning at the exact same time 
and heard the exact same radio broadcast, 
passed the exact same people over and over again, 
made the same decisions over and over again...you remember? It was torture!

It wasn't until he made the CHOICE to take what was coming at him and try to spice it up a bit. 
He got up with INTENTION TO IMPROVE each day.
He greeted people that he saw, he asked them questions and got to know them. 
He helped people when he saw a need.
He spent time developing his own talents and then also used those talents to help others.
You get where I'm going with this, right?
Take the day, and the same old same old, and ask yourself..."Self? What is my intention today?"
And then live it!

I think it is great to change it up a bit every day if you can, but there are a few things that I recommend to my clients to do EVERYDAY:

1.Spend at least 5 minutes in meditation everyday. Breath deep.

2. Laugh everyday, as much and as hard as possible! It cleans your bodies chemistry and it releases stress.

3. Write it down. You can keep track of what you eat, what your incessant thoughts are about, how you slept last night, what you dreamed about, and about how you are feeling. You can manage only what you measure.

4. Read! Read the scriptures. Read a book on health and wellness, about the food you eat, about exercise, about the brain and your emotions, about someone that inspires you to be better...educate yourself continually.

5. Express your artistic side. Dance, sing, play your instrument, paint, draw, sculpt, talk, write, smile, cook something delicious and nutritious, etc.

Don't you think you could enjoy doing these 5 things everyday?
Think about how excited you will be to hop out of bed and start your day again each day!

Adventures with Cody this Week:
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Wednesday:  We need to be HOT. So, join me in Alpine at Lifted Life to do Bikram Yoga at 6am. Meet me at 5:30am to carpool. $12 drop in fee.
Thursday: First, triathlon training at Elevate at 6 am and then either snowboarding at Sundance, rock climbing at The Quarry or snowshoeing with a big mug of cocoa up American Fork Canyon!
Friday: I'm getting a massage, sorry, only room for one, but you could schedule one too with Katy at Elevate.
Saturday: I am open to teach my class about the 21 Day Detox, if you are interested let me know asap, it would be in the morning from 10-11am. Also, I'm thinking about going to this cooking class from my favorite Raw Food Chef Melissa Chappel from 11:30- 1:30pm. To register go to this link.

Have a great Groundhogs day... full of Spice,

Tomorrow: I'm going to share some of the yummy recipes we enjoyed over the weekend!

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