Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, hello internet. I haven't see you in a while.

Hi everybody!
I like to imagine that there are tons of you out there reading this!
We had a busy and wonderful week, but most of it would only interest people that read my family blog,
I'll spare you the details.

Most importantly I want to remind you all about
amazing events
that are happening this week,
starting tonight!

First off, tonight:
Mother's Without Borders
Charity ZUMBA

Do you Zumba?
Well you should, 
'cause it's fun, and I'm telling you I burn just as many calories doing an hour class as I do running for an hour!

One of my good friends Lindsi is teaching. 
Lindsi Stevens is known as one of the BEST Zumba and group fitness instructors in Utah!
Luckily she works with us up in Sandy at The LifeCentre Athletic Club, 
so we get to take advantage of her talent often.

Also, my friend Kathy Miner is the founder of 
Mother's Without Borders.

Check out her site.
You will be amazed at what this woman and her organization
have done to improve the world we live in.
She inspires me so much!
I figure the least I can do is Zumba, for heaven's sake!
This is Kathy's husband Phillip. He is the Model for many paintings of Christ.

Come join me tonight at Noah's in South Jordan
322 West 110 South

There is a class for beginners that starts at 6:30pm-7:15pm
and then for all you Shakira's out there, there's a class for you from
All proceeds are being donated to benefit the Zambia Project.
If you do both classes, you'll be able to eat what ever you want guilt free for the rest of the week...
and you'll get a t-shirt that says
"Give 'em $5"
Please come and support!
Your Hips won't lie, at least what's left of them after you do this fat-melting class!

Then, tomorrow night we have another opportunity to give back...
Join Melissa Chappell and help support her Charity:

MamaBaby Haiti Fundraiser

You can visit her Facebook page mama baby haiti fundraiser for a bigger view of the poster.    
She is heading to Haiti this week to go and serve with this organization.
We want to send her on her way with a little help.

Come and enjoy 
Music, Art
and fun!
(My husband and Brother and Sister-in-law are playing, plus other awesome bands!)

See you on Tuesday Night
from 7-9pm
The Underground in Provo
65 N. University Avenue

Then, on Thursday Night...
Join me at ELEVATE in Orem
147 W. 400 N.
For a 
Special guest
Dale Allred
Dale Allred at
 I've mentioned this one a few times, but it's a night you don't want to miss!

Just when you are asking yourself, how much more fun can one person fit in in one week, well, let me mention at least one more, plus a few others...
So, you've been doing my 21 Day Detox, you're feeling like a superhero, but now you are wondering what to do after you hit 
DAY 21???
Well, I'll tell you, that's what I'll do...
in my class this Saturday that is all about
After the Cleanse.
February 24, 10am-11:30am
You will learn how you can keep feeling as great as you are right now and 
how to make this a permanent thing.
We will go over the plan that includes eating guides, recipes, lifestyle musts, etc.
I only charge 
and that includes the SUPERHERO MANUAL with all of the information covered in class.
Space is limited, because I hold the class in my home.
So, please RSVP ASAP so that I can fit you in!
email me at

 And a few honorable mentions:

Thursday morning we will be having our first "Be Nourished" co-op group meeting at 10am. 
We will be sharing recipes using RAW DAIRY!
If this sounds like fun or of interest to you, you can join our group!
again contact me by either commenting on the blog or emailing me at

Also, I love a good dump...
and I want to go and play in it!

Join me for a snowshoeing outing this Wednesday during your lunch break.
or earlier if you need to skedaddle back to the office 
We will be going to Big Springs and it it takes about an hour to 
hike there. 
Bring your lunch!

The more you give...the more you get!

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  1. One little change, the morning group on Thursday is going to now meet at noon. For more info. email me.