Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bundle up! 
Let's GO!
This is my darling friend Marie and her little girl Sophie ( and dog Lucy).

We are partners in crime for sure. 
She and I find every possible second that we can be on one trail or another.
She is going to help me in guiding groups on snow shoeing outings in the winter
and on hikes once the snow melts.

We are working out a schedule and coming up with some awesome adventures.
I can't wait to let you know all about it!
Look for the schedule to be posted this weekend.

We have only a little winter left to enjoy the beauty! 
(That's one way of looking at it, right?)

Just a little bit of news for those of you that are part of our ELEVATE family...
We kicked the BYU Tri Teams Trash!
We love you BYU, no hard feelings right?

We had a 24 hour triathlon challenge last Friday and Saturday between 
the 12 members of TEAM ELEVATE and 12 members of TEAM BYU. 
(I had the 10pm slot. It was interesting doing a Olympic length Tri that late at night, but once I got going I felt great!)

Oh, it will be so much better when I can actually get outside to do this. But, being able to train through the winter is a HUGE advantage, so I won't complain!

Here are a few more pics of our Valentines Day Dinner. 
It was so great to be surrounded by people who enjoy good food and good peeps as much as I do. 
David and Leanna Hunt

Stephani Hewlett and Marie Macfarlane

Trevor and Lexy Rumsey

Peter and Emily Clark

Me, Dave and Leanna

Mostly wanted to show the table setting.

Someday I would love a real dining room with a big round table so that we can all feel like we are sitting close, but luckily everyone is pretty chatty, so it all worked out nicely.

Hans Franz and Melissa Chappell
So, this has been a whole lot of updating on the personal stuff, I did this to honor a request from my husband Trevor, who said less information, more pictures please. 
I love making these people happy...when I can.

I Promise. I will try to post a variety of things. 
My goal for this blog is to make things happen, invite ya'll to come, enjoy the best things in life,  encourage healthy living
and can I say it again? 
So, a little learning and a little fun all mixed up into one fresh package of a blog.
You cool with that?
You are cool. 
I know that for sure.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hey thats right, Im her partner in crime. Let's make it happen women, lets get outside and hike our stress away!