Sunday, February 6, 2011

 I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from last weekends trip.Sorry Jen and Leanna for the delay! Enjoy the pictures and dream about our next trip that will hopefully be soon soon soon!
The house we stayed in and the kitchen we lived in.

Breakfast. Why do I take pictures of food so often? Well,  this just gives you an idea of what we fueled up with to get us through the day o' fun.
Started the day with with a 5 mile trail run.
Then we went to our Yoga class. (I did not realize that there were cameras in our Bikram "Be Hot Yoga" class  Hehehe ;)
 We came home, made some smoothies, and then headed out for a 15 mile bike ride.
Leanna looking hot on her cycle.

My new bike

Caressing the Italian.

Then we went to Massage Envy for some deep tissue massages.
Then made some dinner. Check out this presentation...I tell ya, we ate good!
Got into our jammies and settled in for a Chick flick.

Angels Landing. Zions National Park. Sunday Morning.

Jen and me at the trail head.

The girlies.

Jen, Cody, Leanna.

Leanna taking it all in.


She will hate me for saying this, but...can you believe she has two grand-kids?

About half-way up.

Can I explain? Not really.

It's just me.

and then a theme began...

Jennifer O.

How did she get her hair to do that?

Leanna H.


It was such a beautiful hike up. I wanted to take pictures of everything...
The beginning of the chains at Angels Landing.

View from the top.
Leanna and Jen. About a 900 Foot drop on the other side of the tree.
Practicing my photog skills. I don't think you can take a bad picture at Zions.

Leanna collecting rocks for her daughter with Angels Landing in the background.

Heading Home. So Sad.

HIGHlights of last week:

It's a Miracle! Kurri our girl dog found her way home after being gone for a week. She was skin and bones and only wanted to sleep for the first few days of the week. But now she is back to her normal self.

Chopped my hair clean off. Absolutely no plan of doing this until I was sitting in my friend and stylists chair. Surprise! I absolutely love it.

I can't remember, I'll think about it. Refer to my blog. :)

Climbing with my friend Lindsay at The QUARRY


Cooking and Dinner at Orson Gygis with "The Lab Rats"
These are people from Trevor's group training class "The Lab" at LifeCentre Athletic Club
They call themselves "The Lab Rats"
We had full use of this SWEET kitchen and it's staff and we made a gourmet meal.
Ran 10 miles on a treadmill, not such a highlight. But did enjoy the BYU Basketball game!

It was a week that was full of fun and it seemed to just fly know what they say.

Hope you had a great week too.


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