Friday, January 28, 2011

 T.G.I.F! But,

Yesterday was the BEST!

Heading up! The sun is shining, the roads are clear and the snow is calling...cODY!

The company was goofy, but oh, so nice!

Heading up, catching up with great conversation, and just soaking up the Vitamin D!

There it is! My mountain. Ok, yours too, if you grew up in Provo.

Overlooking Provo. Inhale, exhale.

And we're off!
We are so lucky to live literally 10 minutes away from Sundance Resort. 
I grew up here. 
It feels like home. 
When I was little and in elementary school, Thursday's were the best days, not Fridays. Every Thursday we would bring our ski gear early in the morning to the elementary school shed where we would store it until the anticipated time of day would come and we could be excused early from school to climb aboard the bus and head up to Sundance to ski with all of our friends.

And then in H.S., this resort really got me in to trouble, because with a season pass, you'd find me up here everyday and not so much in class. 
 But, that's a confession that will probably get me in trouble again, ... this time from my kids!

I want to hang out at Sundance a little more. Did you know that they have an Art Shack up there where you can take classes any day of the week? Classes like photography (I could use this one!) pottery, jewelry making, printmaking, and drawing and painting. The classes are two hours and are $95. They supply everything and you go home with a new talent and something to show off. They have a couple of different times of day to choose from 10, 1, and 3pm.

Fun! I want in! How about you? check it out!

Well, I hope your Friday is amazing and that you live it up as much as possible over the weekend. 
I am heading to Dixie.
I can't wait to tell you all about it and show you some fun pictures (hopefully! I'll be practicing my photog skills while I'm there.)

Tip of the day:
It's true that fun can just happen, but do you want to take chances? Plan for it, make it happen, create memories.

Accidental exercise:
I thought about recording what I burned snowboarding, 580 calories in 3 hours! But, I thought that this was fun too:
I burned 93 calories in 30 min. while I was getting fitted to my NEW BIKE!
I am a lucky girl. You can be one too. Go and get yourselves hooked up and SBR in Orem!

Have a memory making weekend, and I hope you get LUCKY!


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