Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mt. Timpanogas 1/25/11

A fresh new blanket of snow covered the ground again yesterday. I love it when it snows, if it's going to be cold outside, there may as well be snow. Now, I know people think I'm crazy, and I do agree with you peeps that hate driving in it, so I say, try not to as much as possible today. There is nothing better than bundling up and heading outside and walking, running or hiking outside as the "snowglobe snow" comes down on you. The air is fresh and crisp. Your lungs wake up and your blood starts pumping all in an attempt to warm you up from within. 

So, I bundled up and headed for the trails behind my house. I climbed through the snow, luckily the cold made the muddy trail stiff and easy to climb without snowshoes. By the time I got to the point that is pictured above, I was peeling off the layers! Just as I got to the top, the sun appeared, "Laaaaaaa!". It didn't last long, but I was so glad it did, there is nothing more beautiful than Mt. Timpanogas covered in snow set against a blue sky. I could only imagine all of the fun that people were having on the other side of this mountain on the slopes at Sundance. I have got to get up there this week! Ok, how about today? Why not?

So, hello and welcome to my new blog "Fresh Air!" This is a great day to start my new blog, I've been writing a blog about my family and our day to day lives and occasionally have slipped in a few entries about what I do for health, nutrition and fun. Some people have said they love it when I write about these topics, but many people just want to see our family pictures (the relatives mostly). So, I'm going to dedicate this blog to all of the things that I love to do, make and see, and keep the other blog ( for the documentation of my family life.

So, a little about me and what I plan for this blog...I grew up always involved with athletics. I have very active parents (now in their late 60's and 70's, and they are still kicking butt!) that taught me through example that you should get outside and do something every chance you get, and that is what keeps you young. I don't think they will ever grow old, and I hope the same thing for me. I'm a Food and Fitness coach and my husband Trevor and I own a Personal Training and Gym Management company together named PHITpro. Before I did all of this, I was an Interior Decorator. I love to run, hike and snowshoe, compete in triathlons, go to art galleries, eat amazing food (outside if possible), cook healthy meals, garden, renovate houses, entertain friends, and pretend to be an "artist" sometimes, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc. So, you will see what I find "fresh" in all of these areas. I hope that you enjoy and will follow along. You are invited to join in on the fun. I'll be organizing groups to get out and DO the things that make living life fresh and fulfilling as well as sharing tips and ideas related to all that is mentioned above!

Tip of the day:
Yesterday, I burned 125 Calories just shoveling the snow off of my driveway. Accidental exercise counts too!

This Week's Adventures with Cody:
1/26 Hitting the slopes at Sundance today! Wanna come? Call me! (I'm buying a twilight pass and will be there from 2:30pm-4:30pm. It's $20 for a pass)
1/27 Snow Shoeing along the shores of Deer Creek! Let me know if you are coming and I will meet you to carpool up the canyon at the 800 N. Park and Ride just at the mouth of  Provo Canyon at 11 am. This is a trail perfect for beginners and experienced snowshoers alike. Dress in layers and be prepared for cold weather. Bring a lunch and some water, or if you want me to make one for you ($5) let me know by today. Also, if you need snowshoes let me know and I can help you out. Rentals ($10) You will also want to bring your camera, we are sure to see some wildlife.

1/28-1/30 "Iron Girls" Weekend Retreat in St. George! This trip is full, but I will let you in on the next one, 

Have a healthy and active day!


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