Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

I remember the very first Earth Day way back when I was a 
That is what my mom called me. 
I was a bit to earthy for her tastes. 
The funny thing is, is that she thought I would grow out of it.

I can't say that I'm perfect in the leaving no carbon foot print effort, but, I'm trying.
But, oh how I love the earth!
I have always felt connected to it. 
When I am removed from nature, and stuck inside, I go seriously coo-coo.

This non stop cold and rain is bringing me down, down, down.

Weather for Provo, UT

37°F | °CFriSatSunMon
Partly CloudyShowerShowerShower
Current: Cloudy
Wind: NW at 14 mph
Humidity: 70%52°F | 37°F50°F | 39°F57°F | 40°F54°F | 39°F

Look, there's a sliver of yellow hoping to pop out today!
Fingers are crossed!

 What are you planning to do to celebrate 
Earth Day 2011?

What if we could all do one eco-friendly thing each day for at least a month? 
That would be so cool, we could have fun, get creative, and make our own little difference.

Some ideas could include:
Growing your own garden.
Taking the two-wheeler out on the town instead of the gas guzzler.
Add some fresh air to your home with indoor plants.
Sign up for recycling.
(Soapbox moment...I think it's lame that we have to pay for it here in Provo, in California they knew they could make money from recycling so they gave recycling bins to everyone. That plan benefits everyone!!! Ok, thanks!)
Buy in bulk to save packaging.
Eat local produce.
 Air dry your hair, laundry and dishes.
 Use recycled materials.

Well, those ideas can keep us busy for at least a week.
Challenge on!

Come visit me at "The What Women Want"  Expo today!
11am-8pm at UVU.

Also, we have room for you at the "21 Day Nutrition Detox" class tomorrow.
10am -12pm in Springville.
Register on this blog and I will send you directions by tonight.

Also, Melissa Chappell
is coming next Thursday to nurture us with her wisdom.
7pm-8:30pm at ELEVATE in Orem, 147 West 400 North

She sent me an email last night,
(it always throws me off, because my email says I have a message from "RAW", it cracks me up.)
She wants to spread the word about an amazing all-day workshop she is putting on Saturday, April 30th.

You should definitely go!

Green Peace Out!


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