Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a reminder:
 21 Day Detox Class
This Saturday!
10am-12pm at Kristie Rosser's house in Springville.

Sign up here on this blog, thanks!

Hi again. 
I took a long "Spring Break" from this blog.
Now I feel like I have so many things I want to share with you!
New recipes, new events, new adventures!
I will post everything a little at a time, so that we can enjoy it all slowly, savor it a bit.

Let me first just remind you of the events coming up that you don't want to miss!

Come and see me and our amazing staff from 
at the
"What Women Want"
Utah Valley Expo. 
We will we be giving away prizes, massages, discounted training packages, and free memberships!
We will even test your body fat, BMI, and hydration level for you for free!
It's this Friday and Saturday, 11am-8pm.

I have some free tickets to give away.
If you are interested, it will be on a first come, first served basis.
Comment on this blog first and they are yours!

on Thursday, April 28th, 7pm
Wellness Workshop
special guest

Melissa Chappell
author of
and owner of 
  Bring your mom, sister, daughter and all of your friends!
(Boys are welcome to come too!)

We will be learning about intuitive eating, the fear and guilt that we feel about eating,
and why its important for us to love our bodies!!

Please join us, it will be a beautiful evening.

I'm going out now to buy some Easter dresses with my daughter. She wants to find something fit for
Rita Hayworth....

where do we go? Any ideas? Wish us luck!


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