Monday, April 4, 2011


Be forewarned
that you are about to be bombarded with a major update, 
because I have slacked big time with updating this blog.
21 Day Detox Class March 12, 2011
Kristie serving some of the food we prepared for the class that day.
We had such a great turnout and many requests for a repeat class to be held,  so we had this class on March 26

Again, I have LOVED getting to know everyone. This is a love of mine to teach about nutrition!
These are some of the ingredients that are staples.

Dueling Blendtec's
I hope everyone had a good time!

This Saturday, April 9th at 10am-12pm
we will be having another class, 
so please sign up soon!

Last Thursday we had our monthly Wellness Workshop at ELEVATE.
Kristie Rosser taught about cleanses and detoxes. 
We had a great turn out and will have her back again for sure!
We will be posting her presentation on our website soon for you that couldn't be there to enjoy, and for those that were there to watch, as a refresher.

Our next Wellness Workshop at ELEVATE will be on Thursday, April 28th.

Our guest will be Melissa Chappel
It's FREE! It's our way of trying to serve the communities health and wellness needs.

I had an awesome time with some of my best friends the other day. 
We made our own raw/whole multi-vitamins!
We used real foods that have been ground and mixed them all up and then encapsulated them.
Check it out!

I have been taking two of these per day, and I feel amazing! 
I try to eat as many nutrient-dense foods as I can each day, 
but I would need to take in a large amount of calories 
to get all of the nutrients that I need into my body each day.
So, taking a multi-vitamin is, in a way,a little insurance.
I can fill in the gaps without adding any more calories.

I'll post some recipes tomorrow!


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