Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good Day ya'll

It has been a really crazy and busy week or so for me. 
Some good and some bad, you
But, today is definitely GOOD.

Hope it is for you too!

I'm happy to report...

Our Wellness Workshop last week with Melissa Chappell was a roaring success. 
We filmed it, and hope to have the video posted on our website for you to enjoy again.
Go to
and search under videos.
Hopefully soon.

Tonight, I am heading up to Sandy to teach another 
21 Day Detox class.
It filled up extremely fast, thanks to my host 
Darcie Mayne. 
I am super excited to meet new people and share this amazing plan that I am excited to say has now helped over 100
people since I first shared it in February of this year.
To keep this beautiful ball of health rolling...

I am also excited to announce a whole day workshop that is in the works. 
(to be held either on Saturday May 21, or Saturday June 4th)
I am going to team up with 
Melissa Chappell
and the two of us will be teaching the principles of the 
Whole 21 Day Detox, 
which is so much more than just food recipes.
There are several lifestyle tools that we will teach to help you truly find balance. 
We will also be teaching  by demonstrating
new recipes 
created by  
Melissa (yeah!)
 that go along with the plan 
and that can be used after the detox...the beyond.
So, if you have already been to one of my workshops, or to one of Melissa's,
you have to definitely attend this one as well.
It will help you to continue on your journey to a balanced life of health and wellness.
Plus, it's going to be tons of fun and 
all of the coolest people
around will be there!

Stay tuned and details will be posted pronto.
Today, the beautiful sun is shining bright and melting all of the snow up in our mountains.
(Hopefully nice and gentle like).
This is me and my friend Lindsay just two weeks ago. 
We were boarding in knee deep snow.
Cloud Nine for us at "Cloud Dine"for some refueling.    
overlooking Park City, UT

It felt like we had the Canyons Resort all to ourselves!
This was our last run. :(
Lindsay brought her GoPro video camera along. 
(I know what I'm getting my hubby for Father's Day!)
I'm told she has some awesome footage of our day.
Entertaining I'm sure.
She was even holding it and filming while she incurred a concussion on our very last run.
She is ok, luckily. 
I feel so bad for her, concussions are not cool.
But I do have to say that she had very good timing, since it was our last run and we were able to enjoy 
a full day of sunny slopes.

Since the resorts are closed, bring on summer !
(spring would be nice too, but we've pretty much missed it here in Utah.)

Get out, Be active and Live your dream life!


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  1. Stopped by to show some love! Keep going strong, we miss you guys, maybe we can get together some time and hang out, been busy with our kids, but no excuses! Talk soon. ~ Kevin Y