Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keeping it Fresh

I've really gotta do a better job of keeping this freshie-fresh blog...
Sorry for the long absence!

How've ya'll been?

It seems like this is the busiest time of the year, but I think that I always think that no matter what time of year it is.

It's just me.

I had an awesome time at my friend Darcie Mayne's house a few weeks ago. 
We went over the 21 Day Detox plan with about 
30 people 
that she had invited.
Really fun group!

Darcie had this on her counter in her kitchen:
I have been planting many edible plants in my house recently, so that through next winter I can have fresh citrus and herbs.
I am so happy with the idea and how great they are making my house smell and look!
This was full of kumquats and we have been munching on them daily. There is only one left! I'm going to plant basil around the base.
This is a lemon tree that grows full size lemons. it's right at my front door to greet us with it's citrus scent paired with thyme and mint. Delightful!

 I'm going to get a group of friends together and plant some cute pots of wheat grass too, just like Darcie, and display it proudly as my tables centerpiece!

(You can use a high speed blender like a VitaMix or Blendtech to juice your wheat grass, just make sure to add water to the grass in the blender and then strain the juice through a strainer or some cheesecloth. Because, unless you are a cow, your body cannot digest the fibers of the wheat grass. Or, if you want to really go all out, you can purchase a wheat grass juicer)

Some benefits of Wheat grass juice:
Everyday our bodies accumulate internal waste and harmful toxins from eating processed and chemically grown food, breathing polluted air,and drinking impure water. If we don't rid the body of toxins they can cause long-term damage and disease.

One of the fastest and surest ways to cleanse our bodies of environmental pollutants is

I usually get my shot daily from Jamba Juice and follow it up with an orange wedge. DELICIOUS! It costs about $1.50 per shot. Soon, I will be able to grow and make my own organic wheat grass juice saving me over $40 per month!

The high levels of amino acids and enzymes in wheat grass work like a natural detergent to detoxify the liver, eliminate heavy toxic chemicals from the blood stream, rid the body of waste and help strengthen the body's immune system. All of this then allows valuable nutrients to be distributed throughout the body more efficiently. It also helps to keep us young and to help us to feel younger, because it stimulates healthy tissue cell growth.

Wheat grass also allows your blood to flow more easily through your body, because it has a dilating effect on your blood vessels. That's really beneficial to all of us, the less stress we put on our heart and the more flexible out blood vessels are, the healthier and younger we will stay. For athletes this helps our bodies to transport all of the oxygen and nutrients we need to deliver to our muscles with ease.

Think of it this way, a shot of wheat grass everyday is like a daily oil and grease change for your body, enabling it to operate at an optimal level in a highly oxygenated environment.
Pretty sweet!

I am just three weeks away from the Boise Half-Iron Man! So, I wanted to get through a lot today, sorry if it's to long! Most likely it's going to be a bit before I can write again.

I'm super excited for the race and everything else that goes along with it. Right now the lake we are swimming in is 56 degrees, so send your prayers that it warms up before June 11th, thanks!
We are staying
at the Boise House.
A Super cool B&B with private kitchens and baths.
I'm looking forward to partying at the after race party and a day at the spa up in Boise after the race,
I'm gonna need it!

I wanted to post some info about some of the products and resources I use that you that many of you were asking about recently.
First off...
Blendtec Blender
I broke down and bought myself one of these about a month ago at Costco. I have been using a not to shabby Kitchenaid blender that has served me just fine over the years
This one is sooooo much better in so many ways. It blends everything to perfection, no chunks in my smoothies anymore. I can also make soup with it, with a press of the "soup" button it takes my whole veggies and blends them to a smooth consistency and it heats up the soup while it blends.I also have made almond milk and butter with so much ease, I could sing to you about it if you were here to hear me!
Plus, the red color claimed my heart.
Okay, it's just a blender...that totally rocks!
If you are so inclined, you can purchase one from Costco for about $379 (gulp)
Or, you can visit the Blendtec outlet in Orem, UT
1206 South 1680 West Orem
You can buy a refurbished model for a little less.
Check out the link for more info.

Also, for those of you that are doing the 21 Day Detox here are some of my favorite bodycare products:
I have been using products that are completely natural, because it's just as important to be careful with what you put on the outside of you body as it is what you put in your body, and have noticed a huge improvement in my skin, plus my husband enjoys that I smell like coconut all the time!

I Love Basa Body products. Good for your skin and every purchase goes toward a good cause.
Basa Body Skin Care
You can find more info about their company, their contribution, and their products 
by going to their website.

Before I found this company I was just using good old Virgin Coconut Oil. 
It leavesmy skin feeling smooth, and it is a really cheap way to take care of your skin.

For Shampoo and Conditioner I use:
Giovanni Hair Care
You can find these at any grocery store that has a natural foods section. I buy mine from Sunflower Market.

I also use mineral based make-up and I love a little
Burts Bees tinted lip gloss to add that little touch.

I have also had people ask if I chew gum, and if they can during the detox.
I had a dear client surprise me with a little surprise she left on my desk...
I dunno, it's probably a hint ;)
But, I appreciate it, and now have a favorite new breath saver!
Thanks Ronda!
I also wanted to post a little about the girls weekend my daughter and I took back home to
Grass Valley, Cali.

We went there for some of my best friends, daughter's wedding.
It was such a beautiful weekend spent with close friends and family.
It was a milestone for us friends,
we have raised our kids together,
and Lauren is the first to get married.
Congrats to Lauren and Andrew!
(and Eric and Shannon, the proud parents!)

We left sunny California and headed out to this!
and this
and then dust storms, hail, and crazy strong wind all the way back to Utah.

I came home to see that my Irises and my lilac bushes have bloomed, and to the loving arms of my boys.

And that made me happy to be home!

Hope you have some loving arms to surround you and keep you happy and warm on this rainy day today too!

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