Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Take That and Run With It!

I really like looking up random facts about the body, as you know the human body fascinates me!
Geek out with me a bit and let me share some cool facts with you:

If you took a single DNA cell nucleus and stretched it out, it would measure about 6 ft. long.

If all of the DNA contained in the cells of your body were stretched out and laid end to end, 
it would reach to the moon and back 8,000 times!!

Wow, now think about 100,000 miles
That's about how many miles' worth of blood vessels you have in your body.
That might just seem like a really big number, 
so let's put it into perspective shall we?
It's only about 3,000 miles across the United States
the circumference around the entire world (at the Equator) is about 25,000 miles.
Circle the world 4 times and you've come close to how many miles' worth of blood vessels 
are in your body!

Our physical bodies were 
designed for sitting in front of the T.V. or computer most of the day.
Our physical bodies are astounding and miraculous.
And they were flawlessly designed to move!

So take that and run (or walk) with it.
(With these fun facts you should be motivated to find time for exercise today!)

"The 21 Day Detox" Class this Saturday is filling up fast!
We have changed the start time from 10am to 11am
so that many of the people attending, can also attend
with our class host 
Lindsi Stephens.
Her class starts at 9am at The Life Centre Athletic Club in Sandy.
Then we will go to her house and nourish our bodies with 
recipes from "The 21 Day Detox"

Join me for some Fresh Air Fitness FREE
all month long.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am

Alrighty then, now get out there and move your bodies the way they were meant to!

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