Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New location for 21 Day Detox Class

What a great way to start March with 51 degree temps!

What are you going to do outside today?
My sweet  hubby is helping assemble my new composter thingy, while I have been 
going through my gardening books. 
I'm getting Spring Fever BIG time. 
(I'm not going to think about the storm that is supposedly on it's way, no, I'm going to soak up this sun today as much as possible!)

Did you know that we, who live in the mountain valley, can start planting all of our Spring salad greens, radishes, broccoli, peas, carrots,  and beets, basically anything that we eat the leaf or root of in two more weeks!! Usually by about March 15, we can plant these seeds as long as the snow is off of the ground and the soil is dry enough to plant. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 
Start getting your gardening books out, if you haven't already and get ready to plant!
This is a great book that my foodie/gardening expert friend Stefani recommended to me and it's really laid out simply. I'm feeling confident with the help from this book, I am going to have a bounteous garden this year.
With my desire to eat organic and local...this is absolutely my solution.

This month, we have a series of nutrition classes coming up:

First, because of the demand for my 21 Day Detox class, we are moving it to a new location. 
We are opening it up to 30 people.
Please register on the right hand side of this blog to reserve your spot.

Saturday, March 5 "21 Day Detox"
-A program designed to bring balance back to your body and your life!-
will be held at 10am-12pm
When you register, we will send you the location's address( It's in Springville).

I am partnering up with my friend and Nurse Practioner
I have sent so many of my clients to her, and they have thanked me over and over again for the referral. She goes above and beyond to help you find the balance that we are all seeking.
The two of us combined hope to be your "Wellness Team."

She provides the ability for us to see what's going on on the inside by taking and then analyzing your blood work, and I can take this information from her to help build a proper nutrition and exercise plan, that is truly made specifically for you.

We are excited about the possibilities here!
So, come this Saturday and pick our brains, learn the why's and how's of the program, taste and learn how to make the foods on the plan and meet like minded people who can become part of your support network.
It's going to be great!


On Saturday, March 26
we will be having an "After the Detox" class
We will talk about how to take the wealth of knowledge you have now gained about yourself and your diet, and how to continue feeding your body, mind, and spirit in a way to keep the new found balanced you!


On Thursday, March 31
we will have a FREE to the community
"Wellness Workshop"
at Elevate in Orem
147 West 400 North
Guest Speaker:

"Spring Cleaning"
The benefits of yeast and colon cleanses!
(Fun, eh?)
Actually, it will be taught in a very fun and informative way, it may change your life!

I hope to see you there!

Today, get outside and feel that sunshine on your shoulders...it makes me happy!



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