Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From point A to point Be.

Running with indirection has an amazing benefit.
When you stop making decisions,
The goals in your life take on more clarity.

Lately, as my training has increased
  as I prepare for this weekends half-marathon 
and next months marathon 
and June's Half-Ironman, 
My runs have changed from distance based to more time based runs. 
This has opened up the possibilities for me to run amok!
I just head out the door and let the force lead me.

I've mentioned several times how running has a dual purpose for me,
one is that it helps keep me in shape physically, 
the other is that it's serves as a form of meditation 
that keeps my mind and spirit in shape.
Running is the best way for me to get from point A to point Be.
Especially when I am able to meander aimlessly, and I do mean aimlessly!
Without needing to necessarily think about where I'm going, I can instead focus on 
My Breathing.
Inhale 4 counts, exhale 4 counts.

I corral my wandering mind.
I choose a mantra or an affirmation that I repeat in time with my steps.
"Feeling stronger, getting faster." 

My Senses.
Vision is first, 
I am grateful that I can see the plane overhead, the curve of the street, the color of that pebble.
Then I notice the sounds around me, 
traffic, kids playing, music, birds, the wind.
Then I feel the touch of the sun on my skin,
the smell of the moist ground.
This helps keep me in the present and I can savor The Now.
Lace up those shoelaces
Get out and be
a contented wanderer, 
it can renew your soul!


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