Thursday, February 2, 2012

Humans were never meant to hibernate.

Guess What? 
We get 6 more weeks of winter!

What are we waiting for? 
Get outdoors, don't wait for Summer!
Winter offers all sorts of fun!

I haven't been up snowboarding yet this year. 
Honestly, I didn't want to waste my money on icy snow.
I'm spoiled, I know.

But, from what I've heard the snow is finally here at the resorts.
My family can't wait to head up finally to Park City to use our day passes at Canyons 
and to enjoy a weekend at a cabin one of our sweet clients has offered us.

Two summers ago I bought a Kahuna Stick 
to use with my longboard. 
It's super fun to use, it helps to get into deeper turns 
and it comes in handy during the flat or uphill moments of a ride.

I know that feet work just as well,
a little kick push aint hard, 
but why let the lower body have all of the fun?
Using the stick get's my core totally engaged.

My skateboarding husband and son have never used one,
and probably never will. 
So, I'm sure the cool factor isn't quite there.
But, I like my stick, I'm sold!

Why am I telling you about this?

Well I had an email sent to me advertising this:

Ok...I dunno. 
I get it.
This just might really cross my boys over the line if I get one of these, 
but do I care? 
Can they handle the embarrassment?
I kind of want one.

I converted over to snowboarding when I met my husband at 17,
and one of the main reasons (besides wanting to have fun with him) was because 
I hate dealing with all of the gear that you have to sport with skiing. 
The stiff boots and the poles. 

But, with snowboarding... what do you do when it get's flat and you've lost all of your speed?
You have to unbuckle and skate the awkward thing until you can pick up some momentum.
just might be my solution!!

Last year I bought the family some of these
 pronounced zip-fee

My son teased me about it (for obvious, and maybe not so obvious reasons),and has yet to try it.
Well, who is missing out? 
Does that video not look like fun? Good family fun?
All you need is a good snowy hill and duh,
a will for fun.

Winter will fly right by...while I'm having fun!

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